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I’m sorry…

I’m so sorry for everything I’ve put anyone through. I’ve tried to stop hurting people but it never works, and.. I just wish I hadn’t woken up. If I hadn’t woken up then it wouldn’t be so bad because I would have never met him and never have been made to feel so unwanted and inadequate., I would have never hurt anyone else and.. I wouldn’t have had to deal with any of this..
I’m so sorry..

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Anonymous said: the feelings of others never meant anything to you. you can lie to the world, you can even lie to yourself, but deep down inside you know it's true.

.. No, no it’s not, I care about people, okay? I care about their feelings..

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Anonymous said: are you happy?

.. No I’m not

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Anonymous said: Hello love, hope you have a nice day and all goes well for you 😸

.. Thank you, my days not been bad :3 how’s yours been?

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Anonymous said: if things werent true they wouldnt hurt

.. No.

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Anonymous said: To anon, literally listen to me right now. Shut the fuck up, you have no right to torment someone the way you are doing. I'm sorry that you feel so low that you feel like you have to make others feel that way aswell but that rly is no excuse. I suggest you leave Hayley alone and go sort your life out before commuting on others. I love you Hayley <3

.. Thank you, it means a lot.. I love you too!

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